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Ceries D. Glean

Posted at: 25 June 2020
Self-doubt and seclusion is what we battle every day in this period of uncertainty. Validating our support to our frontliners by making a DIY face shields is how we battle dividedness and anxiety.

As a Local Youth Development Officer I was thinking of how our Youth council can support our frontliners who are risking their health to help out COVID-19 patients on their road to recovery.

Seeing the lack of supplies of face shields to our frontliners. We created a Protect the Frontliners Project (PFP) to seek out supplies in making DIY Face shields with the help of our youth volunteers and with the support of our LGU headed by our Mayor Atty. Jocelyn P. Castañeda, we made a DIY face shields and distributed it to all of our frontliners from medical personnel, triage, check points, garbage collectors, gasoline stations, police station, and hospitals.

With our project, we have made over 3,000 face shields and other companies within our municipality also donated their materials and face shields to show support.
We believe showing our deepest intent to our frontliners made them feel that they are not alone in the fight of COVID-19. The community as a whole became alive as they realized that as simple as we are we can be heroes behind this shields.
One of our best practices in this project is the participation of our youth in our Municipality that others even volunteered themselves in making a DIY face shields and delivering it to the frontliners that need them the most.

We are luckily enough that we have our LGU support with this kind of youth led activities. Our youth volunteers were composed of different youth organizations such as the MAKI Project, Mariveles United Football Club, Aju KaBataan and PUP Athletic Association.

With this campaign we have another donation of thousand more to replace doubt and fear with smiles beneath the face shield of our frontliners.We YOUTHnited together in the fight against COVID-19.

Padayon Kabataang Mariveleño!

ceries d. glean


He is currently the Local Youth Development Officer in Mariveles, Bataan who is also serving the Indigenous Peoples community of his town for more than a decade. He is the founder of Making A Kinship with the indigenous (MAKI) Project Inc. and co-founder of Mental health Advocate Warriors (MHAW).

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