MARIVELES, Bataan-“Gusto kong mamuno ng may karangalan.” This was revealed by neophyte Mayor Jocelyn P. Castańeda who also vowed to rid the town of corruption. Mayor Castañeda’s action came in the heels of what she called “opening a can of worms” brought about by her discovery about over pricing of commodities, equipment, medicines by the past administration. “ I do not want this kind of corruption in my administration. Gusto kong mamuno ng marangal,” pointed out Mayor Castañeda in a talk with this writer yesterday. She cited one example in the purchase of medicine where a dealer offered her a commission ranging from 30 to 40%. But I told her frankly that I do not want to entertain such offers as this would be shouldered by the people and might compromise perhaps its quality. A lawyer by profession, Mayor Castañeda is also a licensed Phamacist. She said that she politely turned down the offer of huge commission, saying “if you (dealer) really wanted to offer help with us, then we’ll welcome it by donating health equipment to be used by my constituents.” And that was what happened: “the dealer donated a number of wheel chairs, among others to the municipality.” Aside from this, Mayor Castañeda also revealed that she was shocked to learn about the skyrocketing price of a business plate where the past administration charged with it P250 per plate. The past administration spent more than P1.4M for the printing of business plate alone. “So what I did is that I opened for public bidding and one of the bidders offered only P68 per business plate,” pointed out Mayor Castañeda. “Grabe naman yng ginawa nilang patong sa presyo, kawawa naman ang Mariveles,” lamented the Mayor.-Mar T Supnad