BATAAN-As the country celebrates “78th Araw ng Kagitingan” today, Governor Abet S Garcia likened the Front liners, particularly health workers in this time of Covid-19, to the Filipino heroes during World War II.

In his statement, Gov Garcia said that the success of the people against Covid-19 will serve as the Second “Araw ng Kagitingan” and recognition to the new generation of Bataeños.”

“Brave and firm. With concern to others. Firm believer of God, like the modern day heroes in our society,” the governor pointed out.

The international television CNN, qouted the Dept. of Health, reported last night that 252 health workers,152 of whom are doctors and 63 are nurses, have tested positive with the deadly virus.

According to Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAP), the number of doctors who have died with the Covid -19, has already reached to 21.

PHAP president Rustico Jimenez said it was primarily due to lying of the patietns about their condition and history of exposure.

Jimenez also put the blame for the lack of personal protective equipment for health workers in private hospitals.

Gov Garcia pointed out that “if we likened the situation today, health workers in hospitals are the last line of defense against Covid-19. The public are on the front lines. It is our responsibility to delay or cease the spread of the contagion so as to minimize the number of patients that they are going to cure in hospitals.”

“The last line of defense was set up in Bataan. Those in front lines were soldiers and guerillas deployed along the way going to Bataan. It is our responsibility to slowdown the movement of the enemies by fighting, putting up of barricades along the streets and farms.”

“War can be won not only by the soldiers but the whole public. This is the same situation today. We need to extend help to our modern day heroes: doctors, nurses, and other health workers who contributed their lives and limbs just to cure those who are infected by the virus in our province,” the governor pointed out.

Gov Garcia insisted that “in this times of peace we need to be united as one, more so in times of war. The fight against coronavirus is a fight for all of us.”