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Mariveles is a first-class (1st) municipality located at the southernmost tip of Bataan peninsula which is approximately 173 kilometers away from Manila in an overland trip and about a trip via Manila Bay.

Its geographic locations are 14◦ 26’ latitude and 126◦ 24’ longitude. The municipality is bounded in the east by Manila Bay, south by North Channel which separates the town from the island of Corregidor, northeast by the municipality of Limay, northwest by the municipality of Bagac, and in the west by the West Philippine Sea.

Mariveleshas a land area of 15, 920 hectares, which is 12% of the total land area of Bataan and the third biggest municipality in the whole province in terms of land area. It has 18 barangays wherein Biaan is the biggest (6,400.00 Has.) and San Carlos is the smallest (2.19 Has.). On August 2015PSA census, Mariveles has a population of 127,536 which is the largest in the whole province.