Tourism Activities

ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION (Every last Sunday of February)

Every February, Mariveles celebrates its Liberation Day Anniversary with various activities, to wit:


A month-long fair showcasing the different kinds of bag and other products of Mariveles under the One-Town-One-Product (OTOP) Program of the National Government and the Local Government of Mariveles. These bags are made from scrap materials of zone enterprises inside the Bataan Economic Zone and are of export quality. Pillows, garments and other products of zone enterprises are also sold during the fair including food products the town is noted for like the “Susong Dalaga”, “bibingkang monggo”, fresh buko and pure honey bee which is sourced by the native aetas directly from the Mariveles forests, and many more.


A nightly affair participated in by the different private and public schools in Mariveles featuring their selected and talented teachers and students.


A stimulating dance parade featuring SK members, students and faculty members of different schools dancing to the music along the major streets of the town.


An evening that brings together the finest ladies of Mariveles. A showcase of beauty, grace and intelligence of local beauties, participated in by the 18 barangays of the town.


A fantastic overture of brass band cum musical extravaganza.


A fun-filled evening for live band enthusiasts and disco lovers–a free concert cum street party.

Sports activities like the marathon (foot race), bikathon (bike race), bankathon (boat race), mountain biking, taekwando and boxing competitions are always part of the month-long celebration.


PISTA NI APO KULAS (September 10)

Held every 10th of September, it is in celebration of the feast of St. Nicholas de Tolentino, the patron saint of Mariveles. The celebration highlights the karakul or a colorful boat parade along Mariveles Bay where the image of St. Nicholas is put on a big boat followed by fishing boats and basnigs in colorful decorations parading the waters of Mariveles as a gesture of thanksgiving for their bountiful catch throughout the year. The karakul attacks tourists even from abroad as balikbayans usually goes home to Mariveles to witness and to take part in the boat parade.


BEZ TRADE FAIR (November – December)

Every November to December, the Bataan Ecozone holds a 2-month trade fair showcasing export quality products produced by enterprises inside the economic zone and some local products. The fair is organized to enable local folks and tourists in buying export quality products which otherwise are only intended for the export market.