Fact and figures


Geographical and Demographic Profile​


Mariveles is located around the Mariveles Bay, a large cove at the southern tip of the Bataan Peninsula. It adjacent to Manila Bay to the east, and the West Philippine Sea to the west. Mariveles Bay was the site of Mariveles Naval Section Base, completed for the United States Asiatic Fleet on 22 July 1941, and surrendered to the Imperial Japanese Army on 9 April 1942.

Mariveles is 164 kilometres (102 mi) from Manila via the North Luzon ExpresswayJose Abad Santos Avenue and Roman Highway. It borders Bagac to the west and northwest, Limay to the north and northeast, and Manila Bay to the east.

Land area

= 153.90 square kilometres

political subdivision

= 2 Legislative District

= 18 Barangays


Total Population (2015 CENSUS) 127,536
Population Density (Person/SQ.M.I) 2,100/sq mi
Estimate Number Of Households 30,691

Administrative services

Processing time
Issuance of Locational Clearance 3 to 5 Days
Issuance of Business Permit 15 to 20 minutes
Real Property Tax Payment 1 to 2 minutes
Correction of Clerical errors and Change of First Name (R.A.9048) 14 days
Processing of Affidavit 5 minute (simple) and 30 minutes (complex)
Processing Legal Instrument 1 day
Processing Cout Order/Decrees 15 to 30 days
Other Civil Registry Documents 15 minutes

(Source: MPDO,Licensing Office,LCR Office,PAO,Mayors Office,MTO)

Economic development
List of Civil Society Organization 68
No. of Cooperatives 25 primaries and 1 federation
Banks 6 municipal

(Source: MPDO,Licensing Office,Mayors Office,SB Office)

environmental management
Volume of Garbage Collected and Disposed 1,230,240
Number of Farmers 247
Rice Area 209.95 Hectares
Number of Corn Farmers 54
Forest Area 7,231.61
Agriculture Land 3,129.87
Number of Registered Boat 932

(Source: MENRO Office, Municipal Agriculture Office)

finance management
Total Income Php 850,535,843.26
IRA share Php 300,442,980
Total Expenditures Php 541,634,196.34

(Source: Treasury Office)

infrastructure development
Concreted Road 1.62km as of 2019
Improved Drainage 2,247km as of 2019
Number of Streetlight Poles 244

(Source: MPDO, Engineering Office)

Protective servicesNumber of Police Community Precinct
Central 1
Substation 4
Population Ratio Standard
Nighttime 1:3,374
Daytime 1:3,374

(Source:Municipal Police Station )

Policeman-population rationumber of fire station
Central 1
Substaiton 1
BFP Personnel 16
MFB Mariveles Fire Brigade 42
Night Population 5 BFP Personnel

(Source: Municipal Fire Station)

social development

Malnutrition Prevalence Rate
Underweight and Severly Underweight (Age 0-59 months) 3.83%
Total Number of Pre-school Children 12,968
Prevalence Rate of UW at SUW PS-3 87%
Crude Birth Rate (per 1,000 population) 8.86%
Crude Death Rate (per 1,000 population) .60%
Child Morality Rate (per 1,000 population) .80%
Infant Morality Rate (per 1,000 live births) 4.8%
Maternal Morality Rate (per 1,000 live births) 0
Household with access to safe dringking water 99.3%
Household with access to sanitary toilets 97.2%
Municipal Health Personnel
Doctor 5
Nurse 8
public health facilities
Health Center 42
Birthing Homes 1
Social Hygiene Clinic 3
Diagnostic Laboratories 3
Hospitals 2
Dialysis Center 1
Private Hospitals 1

(Source: Dong-in tulay Center,Municipal Health Office)


Classroom student ratio
Kinder Garden 1:25
Grade I - III 1:40
Grade IV - VI 1:45
Secondary 1:45
Teacher student ratio
Kinder Garden 1:25
Grade I - III 1:40
Grade IV - VI 1:45
Secondary 1:45
School levelspublic
Kindergarden 18
Elementary Only 18
Secondary Only Junior High School 7
Secondary Only Senior High School 5
Kinder and Elementary 18
Kinder, Elementary and Secondary 30
Special Education (SPED) 2

(Source: LSB Office)

social welfare
Day Care Center 47
Social Development Center 0
Mariveles Youth Home 1
Senior Citizen Office 19

(Source: MSWDO)